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A building with a past…

It started in 1948 when Hildibrandur (aha!) Guðröður Jónsson built larger premises for the Co-Op in Neskaupstaður, the same building that now houses our Hildibrand Hotel.  Hildibrandur managed the Co-Op for almost five decades before becoming the CEO of the Icelandic Co-Op Organisation.

The main building was used as a general store with the living quarters for the manager and his family upstairs.  With other buildings housing a Mjólkurstöðin for making skyr and bottling milk, and an in-house bakery, the Co Op was a place locals could buy all the essentials.

During the 1990’s most of the Co-Ops in Iceland collapsed – including the one in Neskaupstadur. For 7 years the building that is now Hildibrand stood empty until Hildibrandur’s descendants converted it into the hotel and restaurant it is today. 

In one way or another, nearly every member of Hildibrandur’s family and descendants worked at the Co-Op or now work at the hotel. Although the purpose of the building has changed Hildibrand has always been a family business and we hope to keep it as such for many years to come. We Icelanders are a traditional bunch.

“Welcome to the Hildibrand Hotel!”

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+354 477 1950


Hafnarbraut 2, 740 Neskaupstaður

Contact us

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Phone number

+354 4771950


Hafnarbraut 2, 740 Neskaupstað

Opening hours

Hildibrand reception:

Every day 14:00-22:00

The Cliff, Self check-in:

Every day 14:00-22:00

Kaupfélagsbarinn Restaurant:

Our Lunch buffet is open every weekday from 11:45 - 13:45
The kitchen is open every day from 17:00-21:00

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